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Building & Residences

How many residences will Elements have?

Elements has 70 owner-occupied residences and 70 rental residences. You can find information about the owner-occupied residences on this website.

What residences can I choose from?

Elements has 22 floors, divided into three categories: Parc, City and Sky. Each category features different types of residences.

What extras does Elements offer?

Elements is a remarkable building and has far more to offer than just your own house. The building has spaces that allow you to escape the rush of the city and find some peace, such as a winter garden, courtyard, a rooftop garden with a pond that serves as an ice rink in winter, a joint living room and, last but not least, a swimming pool. The ground floor will even have a bar and offer flexible and creative workspaces. The final details of those workspaces are not yet known at this time.

About the extras

Who has access to the joint spaces?

The bar is freely accessible to the public. The joint living room, courtyard and rooftop garden are locked in the evening, after which they can only be accessed by the residents. The swimming pool is only accessible to residents.

Is the building accessible to wheelchairs?

Yes. All residences and the parking garage can be reached by lift.

Does the building have a parking garage?

There is a 3-floor parking garage below the building, featuring 92 parking spots for residents.

How many parking spots are available for sale?

A total of 72 parking spots are available for sale.

Purchasing & process

Which real estate agent sells the residences?

You can go to the real estate agents Eefje Voogd Makelaardij and Broersma Wonen for any questions. Together, these brokers manage the sale of the 70 owner-occupied apartments in Elements. They can tell you all there is to know about the building and the apartments.

Eefje Voogd Makelaardij

Broersma Wonen en Werken

How can I sign up for a rental residence?

The rental residences will be available in 2026 at the earliest.  The rental process will not be handled by the sales brokers, but by a yet-to-be-determined party.

However, you can already sign up for this process using the registration form.

How are the residences assigned?

We try to assign the residences based on preferences. However, it may be possible that multiple candidates indicated their preference for the same construction number. In this case, the decision will be made based on a positive financial check. Therefore, we recommend making sure your purchase is financially feasible before registering. If multiple candidates pass the financial check, the residence will be randomly assigned.

How do I stay up to date on the developments?

You can sign up to stay up to date on the latest news. For example, you’ll be the first to know when the sales process starts.

Is Elements subject to long lease?

Like most residences in Amsterdam, Elements is subject to long lease. You will pay the municipality a compensation for the use of the soil. The actual amount to be paid is set by the municipality and differs per residence.

Elements is subject to perpetual long lease in accordance with the 2016 Terms and Conditions. The long lease rate and other agreements are determined once, and will not change afterwards. The long lease rate is indexed (adjusted for inflation) annually.

When purchasing your apartment, you can opt for annual long lease payments or a one-off perpetual long lease payment. In many cases, the annual long lease is tax deductible.

You can contact our brokers, Broersma Wonen en Werken and Eefje Voogd Makelaardij, for any questions. They can tell you more about the long lease system that applies to Elements.

Can I rent out the residence?

Yes, you can. Elements is one of the last construction projects not subject to the self-occupancy obligation. As such, owners do not need to occupy the residence themselves, which means they can rent it out. To prevent any nuisance for other residents, the deed of division includes a section that prohibits short-term rent (less than two months) (Airbnb and other types of recreational lease, for example).

Construction & sustainability

When will construction start?

The preparatory construction work for Elements took place in June 2022. We expect to start construction on the residences on 1 December 2022.

When will the residences be delivered?

The residences are scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2025. This is only an indication, as various circumstances may affect the construction time.

Who will build the residences?

The residences will be built by KondorWessels Amsterdam (KWA). The residences will be built under the Woningborg warranty and security scheme.

What energy label will the residences have?

Elements will be built in accordance with the latest BENG requirements. BENG is short for Bijna Energieneutrale Gebouwen (Almost Energy-Neutral Buildings).

After delivery, the owners of Elements will receive an energy label. The apartments of Elements will have an A energy label. The A energy label is awarded to highly sustainable and energy-efficient residences. This may result in a discount on your mortgage.

Will the building be equipped with solar panels?

Elements benefits from the latest solar power technology. In addition to the rooftop, the edges of the balconies and the façade will also be equipped with PV panels.

How will my apartment be heated?

The residences in Elements will be equipped with underfloor heating. This system can also be used to cool the floor in summer, allowing for a pleasant indoor climate on hot days.

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