Shaped by the elements
Shaped for you

Welcome to Elements. A new unique building at the Amstel with a spectacular view. Here, you'll live in a beautiful city, in balance with the elements. Sustainable architecture, with Elements as the new standard. Come in, escape the hectic of the city and reload!

ELEMENTS - Apartments

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at the Amstel

In Elements, you are surrounded by nature and water even though, and this may sound a little contradictory, you’re right in the heart of Amsterdam.

Elements includes 70 owner-occupied residences and 70 rental residences, all highly comfortable. And best of all; this building is beautiful from every angle. Whichever residence you pick, you’re sure to enjoy a wonderful, panoramic view. Whether it’s of the city, the adjacent park or the Amstel river.


The first ever building designed by the elements

The international award-winning design of the building is not just the product of the hand and brain of the architect, but also derives from the flow of the wind, the position of the sun and the shape of its surroundings. Testing a thousand designs finally led to the perfect shape, which ensures you can enjoy the sun and daylight to the fullest without being bothered by the wind.
(This is called parametric design).

About the design About the design

“We based our design on three parameters: the sun, the wind and the surroundings. This makes Elements a building that scores optimally when it comes to both sustainability and living comfort.”

— Architect Patrick Koschuch - Koschuch Architects

Good for you, good for the world

Elements pushes the boundaries of sustainable energy generation. All energy used by the building is generated by Elements. If you take the lift, solar power will bring you to your floor. Moreover, the copious greenery on the roof reduces heat stress in the city and has a cooling effect in summer. Living in Elements equals living responsibly. Aware that we need to be careful with our climate and our planet.

About the design About the design

Exclusive and luxurious extras

Natural green will guide you on your way inside. The six-metre, transparent doors invite you in. Not just into your own home, but also into a communal living room, a delightful, serene indoor courtyard, a luxurious rooftop garden and an indoor pool with a lovely view of the Amstel river.

In Elements, you can truly find yourself. But you can also find others. To enjoy a cappuccino in the bar downstairs, for instance. Or for a meeting or a chat in the joint living room. Elements offers those luxurious extras that help you find peace and recharge.

About the extras About the extras
ELEMENTS - Location

Nature and water, 365 days
a year

Elements has the best of two worlds. Situated on the bank of the Amstel within the ring, yet surrounded by water and the natural splendour of a park and the Amstelscheg natural reserve.

And, let’s not forget, a beautiful courtyard and rooftop garden. This means that you can enjoy the sight of lovely green leaves even in winter. And if the Amstel is frozen over, you can go for a delightful swim in the indoor pool. You’ll live in the city, but you’ll still be able to enjoy the elements all year long.

About the location About the location
ELEMENTS - Location

Your peaceful oasis in the city

The great thing about the location of Elements is that you can simply walk, cycle or even take a boat ride to the city centre. For a party, a dinner or a concert, for example. You can go out and find the turmoil of the city, or withdraw from it. In your own house and surroundings.

About the location About the location

Shaped by
the Elements
Shaped for you

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