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Although life in the capital city is buzzing, sometimes we also long for peace and space. Introducing Elements - the only place in the heart of the city which is this rich in both greenery and water. Living sustainable and comfortable in your sundrenched apartment.. A building that is perfectly balanced with the elements.
ELEMENTS - Apartments

Uninterrupted views across the water? Or the city?

Your very own place to recharge your batteries. Accessible by road or indeed water, with a lively city centre on your doorstep. Here you can combine urban dynamism with natural tranquillity. Here you can find yourself.

Elements is going to be made up of 70 owner-occupied homes and 70 mid-priced rental homes. The comfortable apartments will offer panoramic views of the city, nature or the water. Elements residents will be able to enjoy a communal, private, green courtyard garden, a winter garden and a rooftop garden where they can even skate on ice in winter. The exclusive indoor swimming pool offers an uninterrupted view across the Amstel river and in the plinth of the building you will find commercial spaces, co-working spaces and a cosy bar for the whole neighbourhood.



by the elements

The building’s international prize-winning design is parametric. Its contours are aligned with its natural surroundings and provide an optimal living experience. As a result each apartment offers fantastic views, an abundance of natural light and your own sheltered terrace area. You will be living in harmony with the elements all year round. Here you can see the city and feel nature.

ELEMENTS - Location

The soothing
of water

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ELEMENTS - Sustainable living

Good for you and good for the world

We believe that climate neutral does not take it far enough. Elements is going to be climate positive in terms of energy and will have a positive impact on the climate. This means that the building is energy self-sufficient. What is more, the use of sustainable wood creates a low C02 footprint. The abundance of green spaces in the form of the various gardens reduces the heat stress from the city.

  • 100%
  • 51%
    Lower environmental burden
  • 100%
    Green and blue rooftops