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Peace isn’t just the product of your surroundings. Elements offers all the space you need to relax. To meet neighbours, have a coffee or plan a meeting in one of the co-working spaces. The building features gardens, a living room, a bar and a rooftop terrace. On top of that, you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the indoor pool all year round.

The roof as a natural oasis

Want to retreat into nature? Simply go to your roof. You’ll have plenty of cosy seats to enjoy nature in peace and quiet. Or to do your yoga routine in wholesome sunlight. You’ll feel like you’re in a forest thanks to the large trees in the rooftop garden. And the variety of plants and flowers is not just lovely for you, but the birds will love it too. Sit down by the pond and make a toast with a glass of wine.

In addition to offering a venue for relaxation and exercise, the roof also reduces the impact of extreme heat and rain on the building and its surroundings. On top of being a peaceful oasis, the green roof is a full-fledged ecosystem. A meeting point between building and nature.

Enjoy all seasons in the courtyard

The courtyard enriches the building with colours and smells.
It features colourful plants and offers fresh views every season. The spacious courtyard is a great, adventurous space for children to play safely. It even has great places to hide! Behind the huge tree, for instance. After all, with all those full-fledged trees, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a forest. The perfect place for children to spend their energy, and great for grown-ups looking for a moment of Zen. The extra-high glass façade of the communal living room offers a wonderful view of the courtyard.

“Elements is an extension of the iconic Amstelscheg, because its natural elements continue in the building itself.”

— Landscape architect Philomene van Vliet – BOOM Landscape

Space to relax

Exclusive facilities

The swimming pool

Always ready for a little healthy exercise. Your own pool with a view of the Amstel. Finding yourself after a hectic day. Or starting a busy day with a dip in the indoor pool. The tall windows offer a great view. The swimming pool features a special lounge area where you can relax and enjoy the view of the outdoor water of the Amstel. The pool features showers, toilets and dressing rooms, and is only accessible to residents.

Facilities in the plinth to enjoy with the rest of the neighbourhood

The base of Elements features a plinth that acts as a meeting point between the residents and the neighbourhood. Coffee bars or eateries are side by side with co-working spots. A green stairway with lovely seats for you to sit and relax offers access to the communal living room.

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