39 apartments


The Sky has no limits


39 Residences, including 5 penthouses, at the top of the tower.

The top of the tower brings together everything that makes Elements so remarkable. Pleasant sun and daylight, a gentle wind and a staggering view of your surroundings, which feature parks, water and the city’s skyline.

The Twin Lofts can be fully customised to suit your preferences: they can be equipped with an extra-high ceiling, mezzanine or with two full-fledged floors. Thanks to its wooden construction, the intermediate floor can be removed or adjusted if your life calls for this in the future.

Large windows allow the daylight to grace your house. You can drink a cup of coffee on your balcony, sheltered from the wind. There is a rooftop terrace or swimming pool at your fingertips if you feel like meeting your neighbours. You can marvel at the skyline of the city in absolute peace and quiet. This is where top-level comfort turns into absolute, pure luxury.

“Thanks to the shape of the building, residents on the higher floors can enjoy a gentle breeze on their balconies.”

— Architect Patrick Koschuch - Koschuch Architects

Top-level living, both literally and figuratively

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Twin Loft

  • Available 34
  • Floor 13/14, 15/16, 17/18, 19/20
  • Living area 70 - 116 m2
  • Number of rooms 2 - 4
  • Outdoor area 9 - 26 m2
  • Outdoor area type Balcony/ Large balcony
  • Storey height 2970 mm
  • Sun orientation North-East/ East/ South-East/ South-West/ West/ North-West
  • View The Amstel, Water - Duivendrechtsevaart and the park
  • Particulars Two levels/ View of the Amsterdam skyline/ Very large balcony/ All-side views/ Large windows/ All-day sunshine
  • Optional Parking Space
    (for sale)
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- Specials -


  • Available 5
  • Floor 21/22
  • Number of rooms TBD
  • Outdoor area 65, 109, 114, 191 en 202 m2
  • Outdoor area type 6 - 41 m2
  • Sun orientation All wind directions
  • View Water view, park view, city view
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